We are pleased to announce the production team for 2015's THE ADDAMS FAMILY MUSICAL will be -
Director - Bryan Craven
Assistant Director - Carolyn Craven

Musical Director - George Strickland
Choreographer - Donna Wells
Stage Manager - Leigh Craven

To download a revised version of the rehearsal schedule for SEUSSICAL - CLICK HERE

Ste - Matt Stirk
Zapper - Scott Oakley
Sally - Sophie Massa
Thunderman - Daniel Austwick
Dreadman - Dave Collins
DogWoman - Claire Sidgwick
Electrogirl - Hannah Long
Dreadfool - Matt Jameson
Mayoress - Rachel Tustain
TSM - Simon Field
Reporter - Jane Collins
Dr Boctor - Simon Flint
Greeks - Helen McSorley, Sarah Precious, Emma Shortall
Chorus - Rebecca Burton, Anisa Francis, Mary Harding, Nathaniel Higgins, Sophie Ketteringham, Paige Lee, Jonny Lindsay, Abi Marshall, Julie Marshall, Rebecca Marshall, Kate Pickles, Sandra Ramsden, Will Sadler, Alex Schober, Emma Stirk, Rachel Winfield

A massive well done to everyone!  This was a highly competitive show just to get into, let alone to get a role in, so congratulations to all of you!!
Have you seen the promo on YouTube for Puss in Boots ?
Have a look and then share it with all you friends - SELL, SELL, SELL !!

If you were watching BBC1 last night at around 8.00pm you will have seen The Great train Robbery - The Coppers Tale, featuring the LIDOS Chairman, Adrian Marshall, and the Director of Puss in Boots, Bryan  Craven.  Bryan and Adrian spent a full day during the Summer filming at Bradford Town Hall. Because of the way it was filmed, if you look carefully, you will see Adrian TWICE in the same shot !!


Cat                           James Sidgwick
Jojo                         Archie Bradley
Horton                    Alex Schober
Gertrude                 Emily Lindley
Mayzie                     Bethan Wallbank
Sour Kangaroo    Jennifer Rushfirth
Bird Girls                Claire Sidgwick, Emma Shortall, Emma Tempest
Wickershams        Matt Tempest, Joe Collins, Jonny Lindsey
Mr Mayor                Alan Wright
Mrs Mayor             Sandra Ramsden
General Schmitz  Adam Folkard
Grinch                     Simon Flint
Cadets                    Matthew Colley, Pollie Jackson, Ella-Mae Kilbride, Tiegan Shaw, Kieran Wilcox
                                  Casey Whittaker, Cameron Steggles-Ginn, Cameron Wright
Jungles                   Cathy Purcell, Joe Lindley, Georgia Hodgson, Lydia Koerdt, Sophie Wells,
                                  Ewan Whitaker, Emma Taylor, Becky Marshall, Julie Marshall
Whos                       Anne Griffiths, Mary Harding, Shirley Hoyland, Stephanie Davison, Chris Day
                                  Caitlin Lee, Hannah Ramsden, Kieran Casserly, Gemma Bloomfield


LIDOS have now been offered a license to produce 'The Addams Family' as our June 2015 musical!!  LIDOS are one of only 100 amateur groups around the world offered this unique opportunity, straight off Broadway, and before any professional companies produce the show in this country!!  This is obviously very exciting news, as the LIDOS production will be one of the first ever UK productions, and could well be the Yorkshire Premiere!!! 
Please keep an eye on future issues of the LIDOS Libretto for opportunities surrounding joining the production team for this fantastic production!

We're now accepting production team applications for our January 2015 pantomime (title yet to be announced).  If you're interested in being the Director, Musical Director, Choreographer or Stage Manager for our 2015 pantomime, then please send your application (including any specific requirements you may have) to no later than Monday 2nd December 2013.
Following our decision on a musical for June 2015, we've also decided that what will finish off 2015 fantastically for LIDOS, will be a cabaret!  We last performed a 'That's Entertainment' cabaret production in September 2011, and they are always well attended, and very popular both with performers and audiences.  Please keep an eye on the Libretto for details on when production teams will be open for applications.
On the evening of Friday 13th September, LIDOS members past and present, young and old, gathered at Stanningley Rugby Club to celebrate LIDOS's 40th Anniversary!  There was an anniversary cake, a hog roast, plenty of drinks (!), anniversary tote bags, show posters, nostalgic extracts from recent 'LIDOS Librettos', and even a LIDOS quiz!
Fantastic musical performances from the incredible 'Alex Graham and the Concords', and 'Twin Souls', made it a fun-filled evening, with everyone up and dancing and having a fantastic evening.
Chairman Adrian Marshall led the attendees in a toast LIDOS, and it's 40 years of entertaining the people of Leeds, and reminded us of the changes that LIDOS have seen since 1973 when it all began.
It was a fantastic evening celebrating our great society, and big thanks to Hannah Long, who co-ordinated the organisation of this fantastic event.  Here's to the next 40 years!

Little Voice on Radio Leeds
Listen to Jane Collins,Little Voice, and Adrian Marshall on their Radio Leeds interview earlier this week.

LCAG Awards Evening - 7th September 2013
At this years' guild awards evening, LIDOS were very well represented, both in performances, and in nominations for awards!
The evening started off with the Guild Workshop Group performing 'A New World'.  The Guild Workshop was open to any member of any guild society, and the group met at 10am on the day of the performance, to learn words, music and movements to two songs from scratch!  Several LIDOS members were involved, and Lucy Eyre, MD for several LIDOS shows, along with LYO's Anita Adams organised the workshop, which went fantastically!
LIDOS then opened Act 2 with an incredibly well received medly of songs from musicals 'The Book of Mormon', 'Matilda', and 'Sister Act', which was co-ordinated by Rachel Tustain, and choreographed by Donna Wells and Emma Tempest.  Massive congratulations to the trio who put several LIDOS members through their paces over the summer, and produced a fantastically entertaining and uplifting opening to the second half of the show, which had the audience dancing in their seats!
Performances from LYO, Leeds G&S Society, Cosmopolitan Players and the Writer's Circle were all fantastically put together and performed, and well received by the lively audience.
The show then closed with the second song from the Guild Workshop, 'Bring on Tomorrow'... somewhat more familiar territory for LIDOS members who were involved with last year's pantomime 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'.

Throughout the evening, LIDOS received 7 nominations, and won two awards:
Best Poster - The Wizard of Oz
The Tony Hoyland Memorial Youth Award - Abigail Marshall
Best Male Supporting Performance in a Musical - Johnny Lindsay (The Wizard of Oz)
Best Male Supporting Performance in a Musical - Will Sadler (The Wizard of Oz)
Best Male Supporting Performance in a Musical - James Sidgwick (The Wizard of Oz)
Best Male Supporting Performance in a Musical - James Sidgwick (Goldilocks and the Three Bears) *Won*
Best Male Performance in a Musical - Dave Collins (The Wizard of Oz) *Won*
Other LIDOS members who received nominations and awards for performances with other societies include Kazia Gamble, Jane Collins, Graham Siddle, Richard Hunt and Matt Stirk
The evening was a great success for the guild and we would like to congratulate them on putting on a fantastic evening's entertainment.

September 2014
LIDOS are happy to announce that their show for September 2014 will be an original musical, written and directed by James Sidgwick and Robert Sanders, called Supertown.  For more information about Supertown, please visit:
Wharfedale Festival of Theatre Success for LIDOS 2013

Last night LIDOS came away from the Wharfedale Festival Awards Evening with a batch of awards for the pantomime Goldilocks and the Three Bears - there were awards for Matt Stirk, Best Stage Presentation for a Pantomime, Danny Gamble, Best Musical Director for a Pantomime(that's 2 years in a row) and Richard Hunt, Mary Harding & Archie Bradley (the Three Bears), Best Cameo appearance in a Pantomime.
Also nominated were Bryan Craven (Best Dame in a Pantomime), Sophie Massa (best Principal Boy in a Pantomime), Graham Siddle & Lee Sharratt (Best Comedy Support in a Pantomime) and the pantomime itself as Best Pantomime.
Director of a Pantomime)
Congratulations to all the winners & nominees.

Introducing the LIDOS 40th Anniversary Tote Bag

Dorothy on Radio Leeds

The Chairman of LIDOS, Adrian Marshall, and our Dorothy, Kirsten Moore, were interviewed on Radio Leeds during Thursday's Andrew Edwards' show. To listen to the interview in all its glory, follow this link -
Radio Leeds Interview

Goldilocks on Radio Leeds

The Chairman of LIDOS, Adrian Marshall, and our Goldilocks Dame, Bryan Craven, were interviewed, on Radio Leeds during Wednesday's Adam Pope show. To listen to the interview in all its glory, follow this link -

Radio Leeds Interview

Leeds Civic Arts Guild Awards Evening 2012

Many congratulations to the Von Trapp children, who were presented with a special award for their supporting contribution to The Sound of Music.  So well done to - Kate Ellaway, Euan Tanna-Fenton, Jess Harris, Sophie Downham, Sophie Wells, Ewan Whitaker and Casey Whitaker.

LIDOS members received many nominations for their performances during the 2011-2012 season - Robert Webb, Rachel Brooks, Kirsten Moore, Graham Siddle, James Sidgwick (That's Entertainment), Matt Tempest, Lucy Eyre (Cinderella), Hannah Long, Shirley Hoyland (The Sound of Music). Congratulations

The evening also featured a rendition of "Mr Bojangles" by LIDOS members Matt Tempest and Lauren Hampshaw
Wharfedale Festival of Theatre Success for LIDOS

Last night LIDOS came away from the Wharfedale Festival Awards Evening with a couple of awards for the pantomime Cinderella - there were awards for Kayleigh Newsome, as Best Female Supporting Performance in a Pantomime and Danny Gamble, as best Musical Director for a Pantomime.

Also nominated were Sarah Kay Gibson (Best Principal Girl in a Pantomime), Lucy Eyre (Best Fairy in a Pantomime), Matt Tempest (Best Supporting Male in a Pantomime), Kazia Gamble (Best Choreographer of a Pantomime), Rob Smith (Best Stage Presentation of a Pantomime) and Simon Field (Best Director of a Pantomime)

Congratulations to all the winners and nominees.

Also congratulations to LIDOS Honorary Life Member, Bryan Craven, on his award for Best Male Supporting performance in a pantomime in On Stage Theatre Academy's "Snow White".

Cinderella Travels by Bus

LIDOS at Leeds Museum
September 11th - Guild Awards Evening 2011
November 11th 2010 - Carriageworks 5th Anniversary

November 6th 2010 - LIDOS Treasure Hunt

September 5th 2010 - Civic Arts Guild Awards Evening 

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